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<a href="/news/every-day-we-connect-to-the-internet-we-take-risks" title="Every day we connect to the internet we take risks">Every day we connect to the internet we take risks</a>
Posted on: 17 Jul 2013 

Posted By: Robert Wakefield

Every day we connect to the internet we take risks


The Internet has never been safe but despite all the modern advances in Firewalls and anti-hacking software, the risks remain ever-present. We only need to think back to sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn being hacked and users' passwords and account details being severely compromised. However, there are a number of security measures and precautions users and business owners alike can take to improve their own internet security and reduce the risk of attack.

ITWiser, an established and well-known IT and internet security company based in Yorkshire, have been putting together a series of useful articles, questions and answers, and helpful hints and tips for businesses to take action and improve their own computer and network security.

Risks are on the increase and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from viruses and Trojan Horse worms, to malware and directory harvest prevention and protection, to denial of service attacks.

For businesses, the consequences of losing data through external attack are just unthinkable. However, the thought that your internal network's security has been compromised is even more worrying. How do you know it hasn't? That's the question.

ITWiser offer a number of professional, business quality PC and network security solutions which will help to keep your business data and systems running smoothly. More importantly, we can provide you with Cloud solutions that will keep your business running 24/7 even if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of an attack.

We think you will find the following articles helpful. If you would like to discuss your firm's network security, have us run an external security audit, or even conduct an ethical hacking test please just give us a call on 01274 868924. You'd be surprised how many so-called secure systems are penetrated in seconds when we run a penetration or ethical hacking test!

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