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<a href="/news/even-government-agencies-cannot-get-security-right" title="Even Government Agencies Cannot Get Security Right">Even Government Agencies Cannot Get Security Right</a>
Posted on: 23 Apr 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Even Government Agencies Cannot Get Security Right


With Election fever hotting up in both the United Kingdom and The United States, this recent revelation stood out.  Some States in the USA have been using an electronic system of voting.  This system has been in use for over ten years despite having some major security issues.

The WinXP powered voting machines have been used by Americans to cast their votes in some states. The State of Virginia has now decided to decommission the use of these machines because of some extremely basic security issues.

The concern is that anyone with some relatively basic hacking knowledge may be able to access the machines and potentially rig the votes. 

Weaknesses in their systems include weak security in their Wi-Fi connectivity, passwords not being changed from their default settings and USB ports on the devices being left completely open.

What is more startling is that not only are these very basic errors, but they are also the basic routes through which a hacker will initially try to access a machine or network. 

It is surprising how many businesses do not employ the same security measures internally, nor do they realise how important it is having a strict security protocol. Do you know that your systems can be as vulnerable from within, especially if you disregard the security issues from your own staff?  Here at ITWiser we can undertake an Internal and and External Security audit both of which can flag up any potential issues with your internal systems.

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