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<a href="/news/europol-arrests-ddos-script-kiddies" title="Europol arrests DDoS script kiddies!">Europol arrests DDoS script kiddies!</a>
Posted on: 13 Dec 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Europol arrests DDoS script kiddies!


34 users of DDoS cyber-attack tools have been arrested by Europol, and a further 101 have been interviewed and cautioned in the latest crackdown. It was also reported by Europol’s cybercrime centre that all the users who were identified were mainly under the age of 20. The centre worked with the regional agencies to identify the cyber-attackers that had targeted information systems and critical infrastructure in the EU.

The users that have been arrested are suspected of paying for booters and stressers services, which deploys software to launch DDoS attacks. Some of the tools used are part of the criminal “DDoS for hire” facilities, hackers use this and pay for targeted attacks.

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