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<a href="/news/european-bin-company-brabantia-has-security-breach" title="European Bin Company Brabantia Has Security Breach">European Bin Company Brabantia Has Security Breach</a>
Posted on: 16 Jun 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

European Bin Company Brabantia Has Security Breach


The Dutch bin manufacturer Brabantia has contacted its online customers in the last two weeks to inform hem of a potential security breach in their systems.  Basic information including customer names, email (and potentially home addresses) has been hacked along with order details.  An email has been circulated to its customers requesting that they use their current usernames and log in to reset their passwords.

Customers have been reassured that card details and more sensitive data has not been breached but as a precaution all accounts will be reset.

This is another example of how even big businesses are failing in simple data security.  Even with safeguards in place, breaches such as this are reported daily. With some reasonable protection, errors like this should be a thing of the past.  With the range of products available this day and age to prevent data breaches, reports such as this should no longer be an issue.

We here at ITWiser can undertake internal and external security audits of your systems to ensure that your data is safe.  We can also offer you Reducing the risk of data breach can be an investment well made and mistakes leading to details of your customers or clients being leaked cannot only be costly to rectify but could lose you your business in the process.




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