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<a href="/news/ethical-hacking-fighting-the-war-on-cyber-crime" title="Ethical hacking; fighting the war on cyber crime">Ethical hacking; fighting the war on cyber crime</a>
Posted on: 15 Nov 2012 

Posted By: IT Wiser

Ethical hacking; fighting the war on cyber crime


What Is Ethical Hacking? Fighting cyber crime.

Ethical hacking, which can also be called penetration testing, is a term used to describe a form of IT security testing

The ethical hacker, who is a certified expert in the field of IT security, will employ a series of tests to discover any and all weaknesses within a company’s cyber security.  The ethical hacker pre-empts any strikes from those who may actually want to harm the company and enforce security before it is breached. 

Using ethical hacking is thought to be one of the best IT security measures to date in the war against cyber-crime.

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