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<a href="/news/enigma-scammed-out-of-500k" title="Enigma scammed out of $500K!">Enigma scammed out of $500K!</a>
Posted on: 22 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Enigma scammed out of $500K!


It has been reported that hackers have managed to successfully scam $500,000 out of online currency platform Enigma. The hackers managed to compromise the servers that run the currency platform.

The organisation was setup by MIT and it was due to launch their new cryptocurrency on 11th September, but they had their website, slack channel and email servers hacked. The hackers then used these channels to their advantage, they used the channels to spam messages to people who were interested.

The hackers created a bogus message which was thanking people for their support and stated that they had decided to open a pre-sale to the public. The hackers during this time entered their own digital wallet address onto the Enigma website. They then directed investors to that part of the site, they took nearly $500,000 before it went to the press. Enigma have stated that this slack channel has been shut down now and new potential investors are being warned about this scam.

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