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<a href="/news/employees-prime-target-for-enterprise-cybercrime" title="Employees Prime Target for Enterprise Cybercrime">Employees Prime Target for Enterprise Cybercrime</a>
Posted on: 28 Mar 2014 

Posted By: IT Wiser

Employees Prime Target for Enterprise Cybercrime


If you are a regular reader of the posts on this site, you will know that we are always keen to make our visitors aware of any new malware/cybercrime threats and how the combination of Cloud Web Security and regular software updates can help keep you protected.

We all know that the network is the weakest aspect of your operation in terms of exploitation by cybercriminals; however, in order for hackers to infect a system they need a little helping hand. Unfortunately, this help comes from the people that your business relies upon: your employees.

A new report by the RAND Corporation and Juniper Networks, entitled Markets for Cybercrime Tools and Stolen Data, revealed that, in addition to unpatched vulnerabilities, humans are a business’s weakest point – and attacks on employees will continue to increase.

Phishing Attacks

The vast majority of attacks that are not protected by Cloud Web Security are phishing attacks, which involve victims clicking on a link or downloading an app or file that contains a Trojan. While employees click on these links unknowingly, the fact that these are successful encourages cybercriminals to persist with attacks, causing a lot of damage in the process.

As noted by ZDNet, one example of a successful phishing attack occurred last year when an innocuous-looking email containing malware cost US firm Target an estimated 40 million credit cards and 70 million user account credentials.

According to information security company Trustwave, 76 per cent of organisations that are breached need someone else to tell them there has been an attack – when an employee-focussed attack is successful, nothing is done until it is too late.

Black Market Growth

Also revealed in the RAND Corporation study was the fact that black markets selling hacking tools and services such as stolen credit card numbers continue to grow in size and complexity, posing a greater threat to businesses.

“The hacker market, once a varied landscape of discrete, ad hoc networks of individuals initially motivated by little more than ego and notoriety, has emerged as a playground of financially driven, highly organised and sophisticated groups,” it said.

In some aspects, the black market can be as lucrative as the drug trade, the report notes. “The links to end-users are more direct and because worldwide distribution is accomplished electronically, the requirements are negligible.”

In the fight against cybercrime, Cloud Web Security may be the most important tool, but employees need to be warned about the threat from enterprising cyber criminals. 

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