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<a href="/news/el-paso-gives-3-2m-to-email-crooks" title="El Paso gives $3.2m to email crooks!">El Paso gives $3.2m to email crooks!</a>
Posted on: 09 Nov 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

El Paso gives $3.2m to email crooks!


El Paso, Texas has admitted that it has been a victim off “CEO fraud” which involved lots of emails, emails that managed to make the crooks $3.2m using bogus invoices. The city is currently doing a massive $97m project in its downtown district, the alarm bells went off when a main contractor on the projector complained about their unpaid invoice.

After some investigation it became clear that the $300,000 payment for that invoice has been diverted into an unknown account. This was also the case for another transfer of $2.9m, which was also diverted to an unknown bank account. There is still an ongoing investigation into how all this happened, and procedures have been put in place to try stop it happening again.

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