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<a href="/news/dreamhost-involved-in-ddos-attack" title="DreamHost involved in DDoS attack!">DreamHost involved in DDoS attack!</a>
Posted on: 25 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

DreamHost involved in DDoS attack!


Web hosting company DreamHost were involved in a crippling DDoS attack yesterday, most of their services were brought down by this attack. The attack started at roughly 09:20 PDT (16:20 UTC) it quickly began to take over and overwhelm the company’s systems. All the systems took a hammering but the DNS servers were most affected. The status page for DreamHost reported serious disruption to their webmail hosting and virtual private servers, as well as degraded email performance.

DreamHost were in the headlines earlier this month when the US Department of Justice were demanding 1.3 million IP addresses relating to visits to The website in question was created to organise protests during President Trumps inauguration, which was hosted by DreamHost. The warrant also requested more information such as photos, submitted comments and email content from thousands of people who visited/used the site.

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