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<a href="/news/do-you-have-office-365" title="Do you have Office 365?">Do you have Office 365?</a>
Posted on: 10 Oct 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Do you have Office 365?


All over the world there are millions of businesses small and large migrating to Office 365. It can look very attractive to businesses, but you must have a lot of trust to let someone else manage your exchange servers and SharePoint. This option is probably seen as the easy one, rather than having to battle with maintenance and upkeep internally.

Lots of businesses are migrating to this solution (roughly around 60 million business customers so far as of spring 2016) so it says a lot about the security of the platform. If there were any serious concerns with the security, then there wouldn’t be so many people using this platform.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s the most secure cloud-based solution, it simply means its secure enough to be implemented into a business’s infrastructure. All systems have the scope for improvement, or for the businesses to layer more security on top to make it more secure.

Have you got any further protection on your software?

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