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<a href="/news/disgraced-affairs-website-ashley-madison-hacked-the-competition" title="Disgraced Affairs Website Ashley Madison Hacked The Competition">Disgraced Affairs Website Ashley Madison Hacked The Competition</a>
Posted on: 17 Sep 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Disgraced Affairs Website Ashley Madison Hacked The Competition


Its been all over the news lately that Millions of members of the now disgraced secret affairs website Ashley Madison have been named and shamed after hackers stole their database and revealed the identities of registered users.

But it seems that several years ago, Hackers from their internal Impact Team managed to log into the website of another competitor and steal valuable business information that they used to their favour.  A leaked series of emails from the Ashley Madison team has uncovered the misdemeanour.  This means that even the “hackers are hackable” and can leave themselves vulnerable.

Data protection is a global issue and although many red faced professionals have been left in the open after their details have been revealed, it also highlights just how important the issue security needs to be.  Daily news reports like this one from the BBC show that this breach has left many people negatively impacted by a service that was supposed to be 100% anonymous.

ITWiser offer Internal and External security audits plus an impartial consultancy service to ensure you have the best possible chance of protecting your data.  No system is fool proof but in the case of a lot of the data breaches, the main cause of the hackers’ entry into the system is often a more obvious hole in the security that gets overlooked. 

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