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<a href="/news/ddos-attacks-predicted-to-rise-in-2017" title="DDoS attacks predicted to rise in 2017!!">DDoS attacks predicted to rise in 2017!!</a>
Posted on: 16 Dec 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

DDoS attacks predicted to rise in 2017!!


DDoS attacks have been here a while now, they have been here since at least the year 2000 and they aren’t going anywhere. As more and more devices are bought every year it is predicted that DDoS attacks will be on the rise in 2017.

It is predicted that 2017 will be the most intense and dramatic year in the conflict between black hats and white hats. The 2 sides have been battling for dominance and they aren’t backing down. Many companies and businesses have had to look at preventing these attacks and try to make sure they’re as protected as possible.

Looking back in history DDoS attacks have mainly been quite small, 93% are below the 1Gbps in size, so when the large attacks happen like the Mirai-based attack on Brian Krebs it will show up on the radar.

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