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<a href="/news/data-loss-don-t-become-a-statistic" title="Data Loss: Don’t Become a Statistic">Data Loss: Don’t Become a Statistic</a>
Posted on: 13 Jun 2013 

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Data Loss: Don’t Become a Statistic


There are many aspects to running a successful business, and computer use is central to most of them. Given the growth of the internet over the last 10-15 years, it is now virtually impossible for a business to thrive without some kind of web presence. Not only this, computers are vital in virtually every department, from inventory control to bookkeeping. Of course, the more computers are relied upon to store important files, the more data loss becomes a problem.

Most companies generally safeguard against data loss; however, the methods of backing up important files and folders are either outdated or not comprehensive enough. When backing up data, it is imperative that more than one method of protection is put into place as not doing so could result in your business becoming another statistic.

The Stats

According to online backup service Carbonite, around 70% of all businesses have experienced data loss due to one of the following: hard-drive or system failure, malware and other viruses, accidental deletion, fire or other disaster. This figure certainly makes for worrying reading; however, the next one is even scarier: 60% of businesses that have suffered serious data loss will shut down within six months.

The word ‘disaster’ covers many things, but fire is a particular worry. Building fires can cause untold damage to an office, damaging not only computer systems, but back up hard drives, discs, and memory sticks. Statistics show that 30% of businesses suffering major fire damage are unable to survive, and 70% of businesses that do carry on fail within five years.

Using the Cloud

As the stats show, the impact that data loss can have upon a business can be detrimental to the point that a company can no longer survive. For this reason, nothing can be put down to chance, and Cloud Online Backup should figure as a top priority.

ITWiser’s Cloud Online Backup service ensures that all of your files and folders are backed up to data centres across the globe, safely and securely. Through remote storage, you can ensure that your files are protected from every eventuality and can be accessed quickly and easily from any computer - from anywhere in the world - allowing you to save your business in the event of data loss.

Don’t become a statistic; invest in Cloud Online Backup today. 
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