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<a href="/news/data-breach-in-coffee-chain-loyalty-scheme" title="Data Breach In Coffee Chain Loyalty Scheme">Data Breach In Coffee Chain Loyalty Scheme</a>
Posted on: 27 Apr 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Data Breach In Coffee Chain Loyalty Scheme


This last week the news was again reporting yet another large UK company succumbing to a data security breach. One of the nations favourite Coffee shop chains Costa has reported a serious security breach in its customer loyalty card scheme.  

The company declared that around 0.02% of its loyalty cardholders were affected and although the data they store does not include any financial data, it does contain personal details of the cardholders.

The breach has been caused, in part, by the limitation by Costa of the password length and requirements.  All customers with affected accounts have now been emailed to request their accounts be updated with a new password. Costa has also stopped the online access to all loyalty point accounts until it can be sure the system has been strengthened.

It is reported that in addition to them requiring new passwords, users will also be prompted for a password that may follow a different form to that previously used in an attempt to increase the security of the accounts.

This is another example of how simple measures within a nationwide company could have prevented a breach of security.  Many businesses do not realise that something as simple as protecting a password could mean the difference between good business practice and data breach.

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