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<a href="/news/cybercops-react-to-590-attacks-in-the-last-year" title="Cybercops react to 590 attacks in the last year!">Cybercops react to 590 attacks in the last year!</a>
Posted on: 09 Oct 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Cybercops react to 590 attacks in the last year!


It has been reported that The National Cyber Security Centre has responded to over 590 major attacks over the past year. These attacks include the WannaCry attacks from earlier in the year, also the attack where MP’s email addresses were being targeted. The MP’s were targeted due to very weak passwords which made it easy for hackers to crack, various threats have happened this year which affected some large organisations.

The National Cyber Security Centre was formed in October last year, which brought together parts of the government, GCHQ and MI5. The aim for this organisation was to advise the public and private sectors on how to protect themselves to avoid security threats. Since the formation in October the body has managed to reduce the time that phishing sites are hosted for in the UK from 27 hours down to 1 hour or less.

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