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<a href="/news/cyber-war-a-real-threat" title="Cyber War a real threat">Cyber War a real threat</a>
Posted on: 09 Jun 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Cyber War a real threat


One of the more concerning elements of the recent Infosecurity Europe event that has been held recently in Olympia, London, is the real threat of an all out cyber war breaking out.

In recent years there have been several high profile international cyber attacks, including the most well know attack by North Korea on the Sony Movies system over the release of controversial movie. 

Leading experts are worried that the increase in the sophistication of these hacks and attacks could mean that the threat to our systems is greater than ever.  It has even been suggested that such attacks could now form part of wider conflicts. 

It is now more important that ever to have your systems secured.  Large scale hacks are a threat to the country as a whole but on a smaller level they can potentially eradicate small and even larger businesses overnight if systems aren’t protected.  Here at IT Wiser we can help check the health of the security of your systems and ensure that any security protection your company has is kept as up to date as possible. 

Our internal and external security audits will give you a solid overview of you system security and we can help suggest ways to make sure you remain protected.

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