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<a href="/news/cyber-resiliency-of-the-uk-s-health-service-still-in-disarray-one-year-since-wannacry" title="Cyber resiliency of the UK’s health service still in disarray one year since WannaCry">Cyber resiliency of the UK’s health service still in disarray one year since WannaCry</a>
Posted on: 18 Apr 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Cyber resiliency of the UK’s health service still in disarray one year since WannaCry


The UK’s NHS has yet to agree an action plan nearly one year since the unprecedented WannaCry cyber-attack.

22 recommendations were made for strengthening the NHS’s cyber security following the incident last June which caused 20,000 hospital appointments and operations to be cancelled.

A report suggests that some 200 NHS Trusts have failed an on-site assessment for Cyber Security resilience, and many NHS organisations still have a lot to do to improve their cyber security including Bart’s NHS Trust, one of the largest affected by WannaCry.

Some of the failings were put down to the fact that a high bar has been set for NHS providers, although some trusts failed purely because they had still not patched their systems – the main reason the NHS had been vulnerable to WannaCry.

Committee chair Meg Hillier said: “I am struck by how ill-prepared some NHS trusts were for WannaCry, in many cases failing to act on warnings to patch exposed systems because of the anticipated impact on other IT and medical equipment.”

She added: “This case serves as a warning to the whole of government: a foretaste of the devastation that could be wrought by a more malicious and sophisticated attack. When it comes, the UK must be ready.”

The report recommended the department should: set out how local systems can be updated while minimising disruption to services; ensure all IT suppliers are accredited and that local and national contracts include standard terms to protect the NHS against cyber-attacks; and that local and national workforce plans include a focus on IT and cyber skills.

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