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<a href="/news/could-your-printer-be-your-weakness-for-attackers" title="Could your printer be your weakness for attackers?">Could your printer be your weakness for attackers?</a>
Posted on: 18 Aug 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Could your printer be your weakness for attackers?


So you have anti-virus installed and its upto date, you have briefed your employees on what to look for in a suspicious email. The network is locked down with passwords that change every 30 days and are so complex it would take years to crack them. Have you ever wondered if your printer is safe?

Researchers in Singapore have recently released how easy it can be for hackers to hack into your printers and print queues. This is done by attaching a mobile phone to a remote controlled drone. This then hacks into the unsecured print queue of Wi-Fi printers. According to the Ponemon institute, 64 percent of IT managers have reason to believe their printers have been infected with malware. According to another study carried out by Ponemon they also found out that 55 percent of businesses and companies don’t have security policies in place for network printers.

The password protected network sends the data to the printer where the queue is unencrypted, this means the data could be stolen by cyber crooks. Which means your confidential data could soon be public data.

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