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<a href="/news/corporate-it-security-is-important-for-all-companies" title="Corporate IT Security is Important for All Companies">Corporate IT Security is Important for All Companies</a>
Posted on: 11 Oct 2012 

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Corporate IT Security is Important for All Companies

In this day and age, the demand for corporate IT security providers has surged especially in the past decade. Every business owner wants to protect his/ her company from any harm or threat, thus, hiring a professional corporate IT security company, such as ITWiser of Yorkshire, is a must. The question is how can a business owner determine which one is a trustworthy provider and out of the hundreds available, which one will truly work to his best interest? What exactly does he need to be fully protected when rampant hacking and internet crime abound?

There are basically just three security features of IT management that most companies receive: firewall management, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection management.

Intrusion detection management – This protects the company’s computers and networks against security breaches. It is actually an IT security feature that can detect breaches occurring from outside of a company known as “intrusion” as well as breaches that occur within the company known as “misuse.” It recognizes common security attack patterns and analyses abnormal activity while tracking violations.

Antivirus software – This software searches a company’s hard drives to look for potential viruses. It identifies various types of viruses before eliminating them for good.

Firewall management – This uses a collection of security programs to protect information in one network from other networks. The programs can exhibit a variety of network protective measures that are aimed at safeguarding the company’s intranet within employees of the company. Firewall management uses a number of screening methods, like requests that make sure they come from an appropriate IP address or web domain. It can provide remote access to a company’s intranet through the provision of authentication certificates and login procedures.

While technology advances, cyber crime proliferates. Therefore, it is best for company owners to be wary of their computer files which may contain classified information. The answer to protecting important files is to contact a company specialising in cyber security. ITWiser, based in West Yorkshire, specialise in all aspects of corporate IT security, network security audits, ethical hacking tests, and external security audits. 

We offer free and impartial advice to companies who have concerns about their firm's IT security. We also offer a number of software solutions which help to increase the security of your data and systems.

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