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<a href="/news/computer-and-network-security-threats-and-cloud-computing-security" title="Computer and Network Security Threats and Cloud Computing Security">Computer and Network Security Threats and Cloud Computing Security</a>
Posted on: 01 Oct 2012 

Posted By: IT Wiser

Computer and Network Security Threats and Cloud Computing Security

Security threats and network exploits will never cease to exist in the World Wide Web. 
Below are three of the most common internet and network exploits:

Hacking - the act of modifying a computer’s language or system due to illegal reasons,

Denial of Service (DOS) Attack – an attempt to attack web servers or network resources to prevent intended users from accessing the internet or server,

Malware (Malicious Software) – a program, application or software created to upset and disorganize computer operations, acquire sensitive information and obtain access to private computer systems. Malware includes well known computer system threats such as Trojans, worms, Adware, computer viruses, spyware and other malicious programs containing harmful bugs and tracking software.

Cybercriminals continually try to take advantage of the latest in internet security to create programs intended to sabotage, invade, or destroy a system. These attackers will consistently search for holes that will help further their motives. While many believe that the latest exploits are found on hacking sites, most of the exploit holes often really lie on the vulnerability of a website and how weak its security foundations are.

To achieve good corporate IT security, many large corporations and companies take advantage of the security benefits offered by cloud computing. Using this type of security system makes it easier for many businesses in the United Kingdom, as well as in other countries, to ensure the safety of their corporate data and intellectual property. ITWiser can help your company with this key role in tightening up IT security.

Some Cloud Computing Benefits:

• Virtualisation - Less Location and Device Dependence – Regardless of location, it enables employees and staff to securely access and connect to the system by just using a web browser. Cloud Computing technology allows sharing increasing its utility and the ease of moving data from one server to another.

• Performance – It is consistently and closely monitored, and has less complex web system interfaces.

• Security – Since the data are centralised, not only is it easy to monitor but its providers are able to improve the security more by devoting resources and solutions to solve security issues for which many users cannot afford. Cloud security provides a secure, confidential and anonymous, virtual environment for many online businesses.

Cloud security helps safeguard data and identity through “ethical hacking”. An ethical hacker’s job is to probe and identify the vulnerabilities that might exist to illegal hackers by performing penetration testing. While they assess the level of vulnerability and thoroughly check on all internal network protocols, software and hardware they also keep record of any potential vulnerability, via an IT security audit, to better determine which solution is best for your system.

ITWiser (IT and internet security experts in Yorkshire) can assist you with:-

ethical hacking tests - 
network penetration testing -
general IT security audits -
as well as good, sound IT security advice.
We also offer a wide range of both internet security solutions and corporate IT security software.

Please do not hesitate to contact ITWiser for some of the best advice to safeguard your data, your clients' data and the way you do business over the web.

Companies need the utmost confidentiality and security compliance. Threats blaze fast and it is essential to get your IT systems examined by an IT company that is reputable and understands your needs and will provide the solution that will help keep a good eye out for the latest vulnerabilities.

If you need advice on how to get better protected, be wise. Get in touch with IT Wiser today.

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