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<a href="/news/company-involved-in-a-data-breach" title="Company involved in a data breach!">Company involved in a data breach!</a>
Posted on: 13 Feb 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Company involved in a data breach!


A major enterprise technology vendor has been involved in a major data breach however the name of this company remains unknown. A few weeks ago, an employee called Jeff left his job at their Singaporean branch, not long after Jeff left he decided to google his old ID number which left him very displeased. The first result on the search was a link to a spreadsheet, the spreadsheet name suggested it was linked to the company’s Singaporean payroll. When Jeff tried to access this, he was met with a 404 error which was a small sigh of relief.

However, coming from an IT background Jeff wondered if Google had the file cached anywhere. Jeff’s hunch was correct, the spreadsheet opened and it contained very sensitive information for 160 employees. The information included salaries, home addresses, bank details and even marital status, another bad point about the spreadsheet was that it highlighted a massive difference in pay between male and female workers.

Jeff wondered if it was just his ID that had the issue so he tried another employees ID number but sadly got the same outcome.

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