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<a href="/news/cloud_online_backup_the_safety_deposit_box_for_the_virtual_age" title="Cloud Online Backup: The Safety Deposit Box for the Virtual Age">Cloud Online Backup: The Safety Deposit Box for the Virtual Age</a>
Posted on: 15 Mar 2013 

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Cloud Online Backup: The Safety Deposit Box for the Virtual Age


Back in the mid-twentieth century, before computers dominated our lives, keeping valuables safe would generally involve storing them in a safety deposit box at the bank. There were a couple of reasons why people would do this; firstly, the bank was generally seen as the safest building in the area – it had to be given the amount of money that was stored within its four walls. Secondly, by keeping valuable items in a remote location, people knew that should anything ever happen to their home or business, for example a fire or burglary, their treasured items would be unaffected – stored nicely away within the confines of a bank vault.

Today our needs are mostly virtual, with items of great importance stored on computers – this is especially true in the case of business. Living in the age that we do, so much faith and reliance is placed upon computers; documents and files including bank statements, contracts, invoices, and inventory control are all saved on computer hard drives, as well as personal items of sentimental value, such as holiday photos and music collections. Because much of what we now deem to be valuable exists in the virtual world, the need for the old safety deposit box at the bank seems to have diminished. However, the premise of keeping items safe in a remote location should still be a top priority for every computer owner – if not physically then digitally. And this is where Cloud Online Backup comes in, as the safety deposit box for our times.

Protecting your files

Online Cloud Backup from ITWiser is designed to protect your files and servers from loss or damage by storing them on our servers in data centres across the world. By doing this, your important items are instantly kept safe from natural disaster, theft or, a common occurrence with the modern day computer, human error.

The security and protection of your files is as important to us as it is to you, which is why data is backed up, encrypted using military grade 256-bit encryption and monitored 24 hours a day to protect them from any viruses or hackers.

In the event of a disaster, lost files can be restored immediately, and it is even possible to restore earlier versions of files, if the damage that occurred potentially altered them in anyway.

Storing precious items in a safe place is as important today as it has ever been; it’s just that now you don’t have to visit the bank to retrieve them!

To find out more about ITWiser’s Cloud Online Backup service, just drop us a line or call us on 01274 868924
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