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<a href="/news/cloud-security-is-important-as-ever-but-education-is-lacking" title="Cloud Security Is Important As Ever but Education Is Lacking">Cloud Security Is Important As Ever but Education Is Lacking</a>
Posted on: 12 Feb 2015 

Posted By: IT Wiser

Cloud Security Is Important As Ever but Education Is Lacking


The concept of cloud security was met with quite a bit of scepticism when it first arrived in Europe. Security fears were among the most often cited concerns among business owners approached about cloud adoption. Some of those fears have been mitigated over the years, but 81% of companies still cite security concerns as the number one reason for hesitation about the cloud. In a day and age in which cloud security is as important as ever, education is still lacking among business owners and IT departments. 

Tech Radar contributor and Bitdefender chief security strategist Catalin Cosoi says that businesses could use a dose of education where cloud security services are concerned. He says that 2015 should be the year that companies focus their security budgets on a combination of strengthening their own networking and IT infrastructure and investing in cloud-based security solutions. A proper mixture of solutions enables companies to fully embrace cloud computing without unnecessary concerns over cloud security. 

Cloud-based Solutions 

Cloud-based web security is relatively new to the IT security marketplace. However, it is by no means experimental. The solutions offered by experienced security companies are a solid next step in providing solutions to customers without requiring them to invest in expensive hardware and additional IT staff. According to Cosoi, cloud-based security boils down to two primary components. 

The first component is engaging with an IT security company offering cloud-based solutions. IT Wiser is one such company. As with others offering similar services, we provide web security for customers with a package that protects both the network and all of its machines. What's more, we can protect individual machines even when these are operating outside of the network. We do this by filtering all requests through our cloud-based servers capable of filtering out dangerous and/or unwanted traffic. 

The second component is one of moving mission-critical data and applications to the cloud in order to mitigate security risks. The cloud environment is easier to secure than an in-house network inasmuch as individual cloud environments can be closed off from outsiders. Moving data and applications to the cloud also increases performance and scalability.

No Need to Fear 

Concerns over cloud security may have been legitimate when the platform was first introduced many years ago. However, the cloud has evolved to become a very secure environment when controlled properly. Companies have nothing to fear about migrating to the cloud or working with a company such as IT Wiser to implement cloud-based security solutions. 

Cloud security is as important as ever for 2015. Business owners and IT staff need to be educated about the current state of cloud computing in order to make effective decisions. IT Wiser can help. 

If your company is evaluating its 2015 security budget in anticipation of implementing new products and services, we encourage you to contact IT Wiser to learn more about our cloud-based web security. We have solutions capable of protecting your entire network as well as your e-mail. We also offer internal and external security audits that will help identify weaknesses in your current security environment.


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