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<a href="/news/cloud-online-backup-because-change-is-good" title="Cloud Online Backup – Because Change is Good">Cloud Online Backup – Because Change is Good</a>
Posted on: 10 Jul 2014 

Posted By: IT Wiser

Cloud Online Backup – Because Change is Good


As technology advances, so must the businesses that rely on it. Unfortunately, change is a thing many people have a difficult time embracing, especially if that change involves something as revolutionary as Cloud Online Backup.

As much as we like to avoid change (which has been proven recently in the millions refusing to let go of Windows XP despite it no longer being supported by Microsoft), we always end up evolving and embracing new tech.

Home entertainment is a great example of how we move with the times. How many people these days still use Betamax, video tapes or LaserDiscs? There’s no need to. Technology has advanced and brought us DVD’s, Blu-ray and streaming services – all of which offer better picture quality and greater convenience.

Cloud Online Backup is the streaming service of the data storage world. Once upon a time, files and folders were backed up on floppy disc. This method eventually made way for CDs/DVDs and then external hard drives. Hard drives and USB/flash drives were adopted (grudgingly by some), and are still widely used, because they are convenient, easy to use of offer storage space that CDs could not. However, technology keeps progressing and something better is always around the corner. Something like online backup.

Addressing the Faults

Any new product that is successful becomes so because it is able to improve on what went before. Online backup improves greatly on CDs and external hard-drives, addressing vulnerabilities that are prevalent in these storage methods.

According to a study by Carbonite, more than a third of small businesses continue to use CDs/DVDs to backup data, even though 62% of users believe them to be inconvenient or risky.

Fifty per cent of businesses use external hard drives, 20% of whom started to do so because of a hard drive failure. And 42% use USB/flash drives, despite only 6% believing them to be reliable. Hard drives, whether in internal, external or in flash drive form, fail. It is an age-old problem that no computer maker has been able to solve.

Cloud backup is able to right the wrongs of its predecessors by eliminating problematic hardware. All data stored using this method is backed up in global datacentres and available to access 24/7 from any computer, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Cloud Online Backup is the present and the future of data storage, and, like DVDs and video streaming, once you realise the benefits, change – whether you like it or not – is something you will eventually find yourself embracing.

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