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<a href="/news/cloud-backup-quickly-overtaking-enterprise-solutions" title="Cloud Backup Quickly Overtaking Enterprise Solutions">Cloud Backup Quickly Overtaking Enterprise Solutions</a>
Posted on: 19 Feb 2015 

Posted By: IT Wiser

Cloud Backup Quickly Overtaking Enterprise Solutions


Twenty years ago, the best way to back up large amounts of corporate data was with an enterprise software solution provided by a company such as Symantec or McAfee. How times have changed. Even as companies offering enterprise software products are struggling to maintain market share, cloud backup solutions are quickly overtaking them. It is very possible that some of the less competitive enterprise solutions will be completely gone in the near future. 

As proof of the changing paradigm, The Register recently profiled a number of cloud solution providers and their growth in the backup market. One of the profiled companies signed up 44,000 new customers in 2014 alone. This army of new backup service providers is gaining hundreds of thousands of customers that are no longer purchasing enterprise software solutions. 

So why the switch away from backup software in favour of cloud solutions? There are four things to consider: 

1. Cost-Effectiveness 

An enterprise software solution requires an investment in both the software and the hardware necessary to make regular backups. For a large company, the costs associated with traditional backup may be but a drop in the overall operating budget. Nevertheless, for a small company, purchasing software and hardware for backup purposes may not be the wisest use of limited funds. Cloud online backup is a more cost-effective solution in many cases. Of course, every company must do a cost analysis to determine which solution provides the greatest return on investment. 

2. Convenience 

Running traditional backup software requires constant monitoring throughout the process. Once a backup is complete, whatever storage devices are used need to be detached from the system and physically carried off premises. IT staff can reach a point at which they feel as if they are constantly chained to the backups they create, leading them to adopt a mindset that may not be favourable for ensuring timely and effective backups. Cloud online backup is so much easier and convenient. In addition to a more traditional backup method, cloud online backup also allows the use of data snapshots to create multiple copies of a drive. Snapshots are now one of the easiest ways to create reliable backups on a regular schedule. 

3. Security 

Cloud-based backup solutions come with built-in security offered by solution providers. Not only are their servers protected with the latest hardware and software, but also the physical premises of data centres are protected with the latest in security equipment. Lastly, cloud providers employ their own IT staff that just happen to be experts in online security. When you use a traditional off-site backup solution, you and your IT staff are fully responsible for your own security. 

4. Scalability 

The ability to increase backup capabilities as your business grows is imperative. When you use cloud online backup, this is not a problem. You can purchase a plan that automatically grows with you, or just call your service provider at the first sign of needing more resources. The change is instantaneous. With traditional enterprise solutions, you have to invest the time and resources to scale your backup capabilities as your business grows. 

IT Wiser offers cloud online backup in addition to the rest of our business services. We encourage you to consider moving your backup processes to the cloud if you are currently using a traditional software solution. Enterprise backup software is on its way out, so you might as well get in on the cloud as soon as you can.

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