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<a href="/news/clarkson-involved-in-breach" title="Clarkson involved in breach!">Clarkson involved in breach!</a>
Posted on: 30 Nov 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Clarkson involved in breach!


It has been reported that the British shipping company Clarkson has admitted to a data breach. The firm has said that a hacker managed to gain access to their systems, the public should expect some of the data to be made public.

Clarkson have been asked questions by a few different security firms and news reporters but seem to be very careful about what they say. Clarkson published a company announcement which they keep referring people to when people try to dig for information. Clarkson boast on their website that they are a world leader for shipping services and they have been going for 165 years. They also go onto say that they operate in 21 countries and in 2016 the revenue was £306.1m.

The announcement made by the firm also said that the authorised access to the computer systems was gained through a single user account. The user account in question that was used by the hackers has now been disabled so it can’t be used.

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