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<a href="/news/celebrate-world-backup-day-with-cloud-online-backup" title="Celebrate World Backup Day with Cloud Online Backup">Celebrate World Backup Day with Cloud Online Backup</a>
Posted on: 29 Mar 2013 

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Celebrate World Backup Day with Cloud Online Backup

To millions of people across the world, Sunday 31 March 2013 will involve celebrating Easter Sunday and indulging in one too many chocolate eggs. For others, however, this date represents something different. For the last day of March each year is World Backup Day!
The fact World Backup day is just one day before April Fools is actually no coincidence – not backing up your data in March could well leave you looking like a fool in April. But, while this holiday might not be celebrated with a collective day off work and mass memorabilia, the day is an important one with a significant goal.

We now live in a digital world and create massive amounts of important content each day – content that is only one hard-drive failure, accidental deletion, or natural disaster away from disappearing forever. The more our businesses rely on software for everyday purposes, the more faith we place in computers to do right by us.
Unfortunately, computers do not always take our needs into consideration, and sometimes we fail to do right by them, the results of which are disastrous.

Backing up your data

Backing up your data means protecting your business and your livelihood and World Backup Day should be as important as any other major date in your diary. When it comes to backing up your data, it can be a good idea to back up files to an external hard drive or flash drive. This method is quick and easy. However, physical drives do pose a problem were your office ever to be burglarised or involved in a flood or fire.
What you need to be doing is backing up your data remotely, this way you can be sure that it is fully protected and easily accessible should anything happen to your machines. To do this you should contact ITWiser and inquire about our Cloud Online Backup service. 

Using advanced backup software, your critical data can be backed up to ITWiser’s secure servers across the globe and be accessed at a moment’s notice in the event of a disaster. Our system carries an initial backup and scans folders every 24 or 48 hours to ensure your files are fully secured. 

Don’t be an April Fool when it comes to backing up your precious data, get in touch with ITWiser and make yourself a part of World Backup Day 2013. 
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