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<a href="/news/cash-converters-involved-in-data-breach" title="Cash Converters involved in data breach!">Cash Converters involved in data breach!</a>
Posted on: 16 Nov 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Cash Converters involved in data breach!


It has been reported that the second hand shop Cash Converters has suffered a data breach. Customers were notified about this breach on Thursday by email, samples of these emails have been put online. The Pawnbroking giant said that a third party managed to gain unauthorised access to the customer data within the UK webshop.

However, it has been reported that no credit card information was stored or accessed, but the hackers may have accessed user records which include personal details, purchase history and passwords. All this information was accessed from the old webshop which was decommissioned back in September, the current webshop has not been affected by this issue.

Cash Converters said that they have launched an urgent investigation into this breach and they have notified the relevant authorities in the UK and Australia. Furthermore, Cash Converters have taken more steps to safeguard the current live website.

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