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<a href="/news/bt-s-wi-fi-extenders-are-at-risk" title="BT’s Wi-Fi extenders are at risk!">BT’s Wi-Fi extenders are at risk!</a>
Posted on: 28 Sep 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

BT’s Wi-Fi extenders are at risk!


BT have released a firmware patch for multiple security flaws that have been found in their Wi-Fi extenders. BT are urging people to upgrade their devices to protect themselves from the security flaws, that have been discovered by security researchers Pen Test Partners.

The vulnerabilities that were found were, cross-site scripting and also the ability to change a password without the end user noticing. Pen Test Partners discovered that when these 2 flaws were combined and exploited, they were able to steal a victims WPA wireless network passphrase. This is after tricking the user into visiting a maliciously constructed webpage whilst connected to their network.

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