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<a href="/news/brazilians-hit-by-crooks" title="Brazilians hit by crooks!">Brazilians hit by crooks!</a>
Posted on: 07 Apr 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Brazilians hit by crooks!


Back in October some very ambitious hackers decided to take control of the Brazilian banks entire DNS infrastructure. This was instead of hitting online banking customers 1 by 1, as a result of this they managed to fleece people.

The heist took place on Saturday 22nd October 2016, this attack lasted over five hours. The cyber crooks managed to gain control of the banks DNS hosting, this was done by using targeted attacks. The bank had 36 domain names, the crooks managed to transfer them all to fake websites that used free HTTPS certs. Once this had been done the online services still looked legit but little did the users know all their information was going through malicious servers.

Everything was in place for the crooks to start collecting information, they were able to steal customers’ usernames and passwords that they typed into the login boxes online.

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