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<a href="/news/blackout-fears-highlight-need-for-cloud-online-backup" title="Blackout Fears Highlight Need for Cloud Online Backup">Blackout Fears Highlight Need for Cloud Online Backup</a>
Posted on: 30 Oct 2014 

Posted By: IT Wiser

Blackout Fears Highlight Need for Cloud Online Backup


The National Grid has unveiled emergency measures to prevent blackouts this winter as Britain’s spare power capacity fell to 4 per cent. While the likelihood of a widespread loss of power remains extremely unlikely, the fact that such measures have been put in place serves as a warning to businesses regarding the protection of data, highlighting the need for Cloud Online Backup.

Power capacity last winter was at around 5 per cent and was expected to be around 5-10 per cent this year; however, a series of breakdowns and closures have left supply tight. According to the National Grid, the new measures, alongside plans to pay businesses to reduce energy usage during peak times, will see spare capacity up to around 6 per cent.

Cordi O’Hara, director of market operation at the National Grid, said, “The electricity margin has decreased compared to recent years, but the outlook remains manageable and well within the reliability standard set by Government.”

The National Grid’s emergency supply plans were designed to secure power plants that could ‘offer additional capacity over and above that available in the electricity or balancing markets’ – for example, ‘plants that would otherwise be closed or mothballed’.

Protecting Against Data Loss

With the measures in place, the UK should be more than equipped to prevent a blackout happening this winter, but businesses should always prepare for the worst.

Ninety-three per cent of organisations that suffer major data loss go bankrupt within a year, and blackouts cause data loss.

In September alone, Eaton’s Blackout and Power Outage Tracker recorded 30 instances of power outages, which affected 12,787 people for 720 minutes. Sixteen of these power outages were due to issues with equipment, one caused by a vehicle and another by an animal. The remaining 12 outages were attributed to unknown causes.

There is really no telling when a blackout or power outage can occur. By using Cloud Online Backup, you can prevent the worst-case scenario. This solution allows you to upload and store data in ITWiser’s global datacentres, with live or scheduled backups to ensure your most recent data is safe. Files can then be monitored on the Web and synchronized between PC and Mac to allow access from any computer in the event of equipment malfunction.

To safeguard your business against data loss, contact ITWiser about Cloud Online Backup today.

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