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<a href="/news/beware-data-security-does-not-negate-the-human-element" title="Beware: Data Security Does Not Negate the Human Element">Beware: Data Security Does Not Negate the Human Element</a>
Posted on: 22 Jan 2015 

Posted By: IT Wiser

Beware: Data Security Does Not Negate the Human Element


On December 2 (2014), a woman working as a casual caterer at the Palace of Westminster was arrested and detained by the police. Her crime? Sources say she is suspected of using a forged passport to be hired by a recruitment agency, followed by using another worker's pass to freely move around the palace without supervision. In reality, her immigration status dictated that any work she got would have been on a temporary basis, requiring her to be escorted whenever she was on parliamentary grounds. 

In 2008, an individual from Brazil was arrested after she tried to enter parliamentary grounds using a pass belonging to another individual. Her case is so similar to the December case that it has some people wondering how seriously the House of Commons takes the threat of security breaches. We want to use both cases to talk about the principle of data security for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. 

The Human Element 

In both of the cases involving the House of Commons, there were certain policies and procedures in place that should have kept the women out of secured areas without proper clearance. Yet in both cases, other workers who had access to parliamentary grounds gave their passes to the immigrants. Moreover, in the December case, the immigrant in question was using a forged passport. These human element issues can never be completely prevented, no matter how secure we attempt to make parliamentary grounds. 

Likewise, data security can only be accomplished to a limited degree using software and hardware means. There will always be human beings with access to protected data; there has to be in order to ensure IT and networking remains operational. There is no way to completely automate infrastructure and software in a way that eliminates the need for human access. 

The lesson to be learned here is that organisations need to be just as concerned with IT workers as they are software and hardware security solutions. Any hardware or software solution is only as secure as the IT workers charged with implementing and working with it. If you cannot trust your workers, no amount of data security will help prevent potential breaches that could wind up being devastating. 

Accept Nothing but the Best 

Knowing that data security can never negate the human element, organisations must adopt a two-pronged strategy that can be summed up in one phrase: accept nothing but the best. This principle applies to both hiring and deploying hardware and software security measures. 

IT Wiser cannot help you with your hiring needs. However, we do offer a range of cloud security solutions that can be part of your data security equation. We offer cloud anti-virus, email security, online backup, and web security solutions, along with internal and external security audits. We also go above and beyond security by offering a range of web hosting and managed service products. 

Never underestimate the importance of guarding your data against prying hands and spying eyes. We encourage you to accept nothing but the best when it comes to protecting your company. Contact us today for information about the IT Wiser products and services that could benefit your organisation.

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