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<a href="/news/argos-changes-150-drop-off-system-passwords" title="Argos changes 150 drop-off system passwords">Argos changes 150 drop-off system passwords</a>
Posted on: 29 Jul 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Argos changes 150 drop-off system passwords


Well known catalogue store Argos changed 150 passwords at their drop-off stores. This was after a source discovered that staff relied on weak access credentials to process the orders.

The issue occurred to the source when she visited an Argos drop-off system to send some parcels. An employee used a laptop with an easily-guessable username and password to gain access to the systems. However, the employee left those credentials in full view for anyone who was passing.

The username and password granted access to the Argos user-delivery network and not the shop main stock. Once a user has logged into the systems they can add, edit and delete any shipments, and see all the account information, also it appears it gives the option to change each account’s password too.

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