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<a href="/news/are-your-emails-secure" title="Are your emails secure?">Are your emails secure?</a>
Posted on: 23 Nov 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Are your emails secure?


It has been reported by the National Cyber Security Centre that GCHQ has called for everyone to enable 2 factor authentication for their emails. This information has been released after they revealed that almost the entire populations details could be bought on the dark web.

According to sources who spoke at the Parliament and Internet Conference, nearly everyone’s emails addresses are available on the dark web. However, other types of personal data such as national insurance numbers aren’t as common on the dark web.

The speakers also recommended that everyone uses 2FA which will help combat these issues. They also revealed that a number of hackers acting on behalf of Russia have been targeting the UK’s telecommunications, energy and media sectors.

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