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<a href="/news/apt-style-attack-against-4000-firms" title="APT style attack against 4000+ firms!">APT style attack against 4000+ firms!</a>
Posted on: 15 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

APT style attack against 4000+ firms!


A potential state sponsored cyberattack that was aimed at 4000+ infrastructure firms has been blamed on a lone Nigerian cyber criminal. The campaign started back in April this year and it has targeted very large international organisations. The organisations are in the manufacturing, oil, gas, banking and construction industries. This global scale of this campaign and the targeted organisations points the finger at an expert gang or state sponsored agency.

Security researchers at Check Point have been looking into this case, they have blamed this attack on a single Nigerian national in his mid-20s who lives near the countries capital, Abuja. The crook used emails which after searching appear to originate from the oil and gas giant Saudi Aramco, this is the world’s second largest daily oil producer. These emails were targeting financial staff within the companies to try fool them into revealing information such as bank details. The other aim was to try get the users to open the malware infected attachment.

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