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<a href="/news/appointments-on-hold-after-a-virus-attack-at-the-nhs" title="Appointments on hold after a virus attack at the NHS!">Appointments on hold after a virus attack at the NHS!</a>
Posted on: 01 Nov 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Appointments on hold after a virus attack at the NHS!


Last Sunday an NHS trust had to shut down all of its computer systems, this was due to a virus attack that had ground everything to a halt. The patients at Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust, are being warned that appointments have been cancelled due to a virus infection on its IT systems.

Following expert advise the trust made their decision to cancel appointments and shut down systems, this would make it easier to isolate the virus causing the infection and destroy it.

Almost half (47%) of the NHS trust have been victims to ransomware attacks in the last year. According to some figures involving 60 trusts 28 of them confirmed they had been hit by ransomware.

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