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<a href="/news/9gb-data-leaked-2-days-before-french-election" title="9GB Data leaked 2 days before the French election!">9GB Data leaked 2 days before the French election!</a>
Posted on: 10 May 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

9GB Data leaked 2 days before the French election!


It’s been reported that a 9GB cache of internal documents has been leaked onto a sharing website, less than 2 days before the French polls last Sunday. The front-runner in France’s presidential election Emmanuel Macron has condemned the online leak of what’s alleged to be his campaign staff emails.

The files have emerged just before the official halt on campaigning came into force before voting day. The candidates and government officials are banned from discussing campaigns publicly during the blackout period. The leaked files contain many documents allegedly including personal correspondence from Macrons campaign, financial data and strategy documents.

At this moment in time it’s unclear as to how many of the leaked files are genuine and legit. Macrons team have said they think some files have been swiped by hackers and spread online.

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