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<a href="/news/7-signs-that-could-mean-malware" title="7 Signs That Could Mean Malware">7 Signs That Could Mean Malware</a>
Posted on: 24 Apr 2014 

Posted By: IT Wiser

7 Signs That Could Mean Malware


Malware is the plague of the internet and something that is a risk to every web user on the planet. While there are some obvious indicators of malware, such as a lockdown of files and a payment message from ransomware infections, other virus symptoms are often attributed to other problems.

Here are 10 signs that could mean your computer has been infected.

1. Lacklustre Performance

If your system is running slowly and you are not using any major applications, the chances are a virus is draining computer resources.

2. Unpredictable Email

Are your messages being sent as normal? Are contacts receiving messages from your address that you didn’t even send? If your email is acting up, it’s probably not the fault of your email client but an indication that your system has been compromised and your account credentials stolen.

3. System Crashes

Unexpected computer crashes or, worse, the blue screen of death, tells you that something has gone badly wrong with your system. While it is not a sure-fire sign of malware infection, any system crash should prompt you to immediately scan for infections.

4. Antivirus Disabling

If malware finds its way on to your computer, it may be able to disable antivirus software and run roughshod over your system. If you only have basic antivirus installed then malware is more likely to succeed in its efforts. If your security suite is not operating as it should or has switched itself off, it could point to a major problem.

5. Blacklisting of your IP Address

If you find your IP address has been placed on a DNS-based email blacklist, you should fear the worst. IP address blacklists are designed to fight spam and it is likely that your system has been overtaken and is being used in a botnet operation.

6. Missing or Corrupted Programmes

If you attempt to use a programme and find it is either not there or not working, or else receive a notification that a programme is trying to access the internet without command, malware has probably found its way onto your system.

7. Unwarranted Hard Drive Activity

If your computer is idle or not running any kind of resource-demanding application and the hard drive seems to be working overtime, it may be due to a virus.

If you have noticed any of these signs on your system, it is important that you act quickly to prevent long-lasting damage by installing high-quality security software like Cloud Web Security to detect and eliminate any threats as well as prevent malware from attacking your system in the future.

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