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<a href="/news/5-million-ransomware-emails-flood-inboxes-per-hour" title="5 million ransomware emails flood inboxes per hour!">5 million ransomware emails flood inboxes per hour!</a>
Posted on: 15 May 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

5 million ransomware emails flood inboxes per hour!


The Necurs botnet has created a new strain of ransomware, it has been named “Jaff”.  The newly found strain of ransomware spreads in a similar way to the file-encrypting malware Locky. Aswell as spreading in the same way It also uses the same payment site, but it’s a totally different monster.

Attached to the harmful emails that hit people’s inboxes is a very harmful PDF file. The PDF has an embedded DOCM file which contains a malicious macro script. Once the link is clicked or the trigger is activated, the script will begin to download and execute the Jaff ransomware.

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