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<a href="/news/5-little-known-benefits-of-cloud-web-security" title="5 Little Known Benefits of Cloud Web Security">5 Little Known Benefits of Cloud Web Security</a>
Posted on: 21 Aug 2014 

Posted By: IT Wiser

5 Little Known Benefits of Cloud Web Security


Cloud Web Security is an essential tool for stopping the various viruses, malware, and email phishing attacks that exist on the Web and preventing these from bringing down your computer systems. However, it is also a whole lot more. Cloud Web Security is, in fact, a tool designed not just to keep viruses out, but also to protect your entire organisation, from the network to the employees. Here are five little-known benefits of this wonderful web-based security solution.

1. Detailed User Policies

Detailed user policies are designed to give you full control over internet usage and how employees use the internet at work. Policies can be set up per user, group, or location, and modified as required so that you can determine which websites are visited by certain individuals or departments. Setting up such policies allows you to prevent employees from visiting potentially dangerous websites, as well as improving productivity by taking away common distractions. 

2. Social Network Usage Limiting

Social media is a major cause of lost productivity in the workplace and hours are wasted every day by employees partaking in ‘cyberslacking’. Limiting social network usage allows you to restrict or even block access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube during certain hours of the day, improving operations and enhancing bandwidth control.

3. URL Content Filtering

Working alongside detailed user policies and social network limiting, URL content filtering can be used to block certain websites completely so that employees cannot access them through their web browser. This feature ensures employees view only non-objectionable content and protects them from potentially malicious or offensive websites.

4. Restricted Uploads/Downloads

Limiting allowed file types ensures employees cannot upload or download any unauthorised content. For example, this may include illegal downloading of music from torrent sites or the uploading of inappropriate content to email accounts, YouTube, or other social media sites.

5. Anonymiser Detection

Anonymisers can be beneficial in helping restrict access to specific websites on your network, but staff can also use them to evade your efforts and bypass firewalls to access blocked content such as pornography, gambling websites, or personal email and social accounts. Anonymiser detection software is built in to Cloud Web Security in order to automatically detect when an anonymiser is being used, allowing you to protect the welfare of employees and ensure malicious content does not compromise your systems.

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