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<a href="/news/5-features-that-your-cloud-online-backup-must-have" title="5 Features That Your Cloud Online Backup Must Have">5 Features That Your Cloud Online Backup Must Have</a>
Posted on: 30 Jan 2014 

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5 Features That Your Cloud Online Backup Must Have


Any business that rely on computers for part of their operations will know all too well about the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place. As brilliant as computers are, we all know that we cannot truly rely on them to protect our data when disaster strikes, which is why most organisations make arrangements to backup all of its data on a regular basis. While tape and external hard drives have traditionally been the preferred method of data backup, these methods are slowly being replaced by a more complete solution: cloud online backup.

Cloud online backup eliminates the need for hardware and stores all of your files and folders in global data centres – ruling out the possibility of it being exposed to potential fire, theft, or human error. Cloud online backup is cheap, effective, and easy to use, but not all services are created equal. If you are considering this type of backup solution for the first time, here are five features that your service must have.

1. Military grade encryption

Security is paramount when transferring files and folders – you do not want anyone snooping on your data. For this reason, cloud online backup should offer nothing less than 256-bit military grade encryption. As the name suggests, 256-bit is used by the military, and by governments, and will ensure data is protected during backup.

2. Server backup

Most services will offer computer backup; however, with more and more businesses taking operations online, backing up solely what is on your hard-drive is no longer enough. Modern businesses are storing more and more critical data online, so it is essential that cloud online backup can back up your servers too.

3. PC and Mac file syncing

Flexibility is important and if something goes wrong with your Windows PC, you may want to change to a traditionally more reliable operating system like Mac, or even Linux. Cloud online backup that restricts you to synchronising files from PC-to-PC only is not worth your time.

4. Online access and viewing

When your data has been backed up, there is a good chance that you will need to access it quickly. You want to know that you can do this at anytime, anywhere, and from any computer. Therefore, online access and viewing of files 24/7 will be vital.

5. Expansion

Your data storage requirements might be modest now, but what about in 5 years’ time when your business has grown? You don’t want to have to transfer all of your data to another cloud service just because a provider cannot offer you enough gigabytes of storage space, so having cloud online backup that can scale up (and down) in line with your business requirements is a must.

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