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<a href="/news/5-cybercrime-trends-that-will-require-cloud-web-security-in-2014" title="5 Cybercrime Trends that will Require Cloud Web Security in 2014">5 Cybercrime Trends that will Require Cloud Web Security in 2014</a>
Posted on: 13 Dec 2013 

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5 Cybercrime Trends that will Require Cloud Web Security in 2014


2013 has been a pretty bad year for data breaches, and on this blog we have detailed numerous cases of malicious attacks that could have easily been prevented had systems had been protected by cloud web security. If you have been one of the lucky ones that have managed to avoid cybercrime this year, do not be so sure that your luck will continue in 2014.

It is predicted that in 2014 cybercrime will become smarter and stealthier than ever before and will put many more people under threat as a result. If you are unsure about installing ITWiser’s cloud web security software on your network, here are five worrying trends for 2014 that should help make up your mind.

1. Greater focus on high quality phishing

Due to the growing market share of Windows 8.1 and other hard-to-exploit operating systems, security firm Sophos predicts that 2014 will see cybercriminals placing more resources in high-quality phishing campaigns and social engineering. This will be done as a way to steal personal information where more traditional brute force techniques are unsuccessful.

2. Increased ransomware

2013 has seen a growing number of ransomware cases – most notably with November’s Bitcoin scam – and that trend is set to continue well into next year with graphic scare tactics used to get people to hand over money.

3. More attacks on Mac

With the once ‘virus-free’ Mac operating system continuing to grow in popularity, targeted attacks will increase.  Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes predicts that Mac will be flooded with ransomware, malicious browser plugins, rogue antivirus software, and a slew of other malware, and suggests that proactive layers of security software will be the only way to stop criminals.

4.  Major data breaches every month

In its latest report, Trend Micro warns that 2014 could see a ‘major data breach’ occurring each month with new tools used to exploit vulnerabilities, warning that no organisation will be safe. It is thought that a significant number of these attacks could affect the still popular Windows XP operating system when Windows ends its support for it early next year.

5. More man-in-the-middle attacks

Man-in-the-middle attacks, in which attackers intercept messages in public key exchanges and retransmit them with a substitute key, will rise next year, predicts Trend Micro, particularly in the mobile banking realm. It is also thought that basic two-step verification will no longer be enough to protect users.

As the internet evolves, cybercrime responds in kind. Without cloud web security, you could find yourself a victim. To ensure your protection in the New Year and beyond, get in touch with ITWiser today on 01274 868294 or at

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