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<a href="/news/5-5-million-accounts-breached" title="5.5 Million accounts breached!">5.5 Million accounts breached!</a>
Posted on: 25 Jul 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

5.5 Million accounts breached!


It has been reported that hackers have managed to gain access into a database which belongs to the Kansas Department of Commerce. Hackers managed to lift social security numbers and other bits of personal information from over half a million jobseekers in Kansas. Further reports suggest that hackers also managed to lift records on 5 million people from 9 other US states.

563,568 people living in Kansas had their information pulled by the hackers, however people in Alabama took the biggest hit with 1,393,109 records been leaked. Arizona had 896,370 records lifted and 807,450 from Illinois, all in all 5.5 Million people had their information accessed. According to state figures a further 805,000 just had their personal files exposed during this attack.

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