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<a href="/news/400gb-of-data-left-wide-open" title="400GB of data left wide open!">400GB of data left wide open!</a>
Posted on: 11 Sep 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

400GB of data left wide open!


It has been reported by security firm Kromtech that a Mexican VAT refund site MoneyBack has exposed personal information online. This leak was a result of a misconfigured Couch DB database, in total 400GB of personal data has been made publicly available. All the sensitive information is available to either view or download due to lack of access controls.

The data that has been compromised includes 455,038 scanned documents, which includes 88,623 unique passport numbers. The passport numbers are linked to people who are trying to do a tax refund for goods that have been purchased south of the border. The passports that have been identified were held by people from the US, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Italy and many more.

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