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<a href="/news/400-malicious-apps-hosted-by-google-play" title="400 malicious apps hosted by Google play!">400 malicious apps hosted by Google play!</a>
Posted on: 04 Oct 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

400 malicious apps hosted by Google play!


Trend Micro malware researcher Echo Duan has said that over 400 malicious apps have successfully been uploaded to the google play store. All the apps are believed to be from a single attacker, one of the apps has clocked up half a million downloads.

The malware has been disguised as many different applications, these include themes, phone boosters and also various games. When it is executed it can compromise devices and also the connected networks. It can then download additional payloads to the device, which can lead to the device being used in DDOS attacks as part of a botnet or zombie army.

ITWiser offer many different services and solutions, some of which can help you and your business prevent these attacks. We have software that can monitor installed applications, which can make it easier to pinpoint which computer has which applications installed. If you have been a victim to any of these malicious applications and need any assistance, then please get in touch.

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