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<a href="/news/23-000-https-certs-to-be-axed" title="23,000 HTTPS certs to be axed!">23,000 HTTPS certs to be axed!</a>
Posted on: 01 Mar 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

23,000 HTTPS certs to be axed!


It has been reported that customers of the HTTPS reseller Trustico are being told that within the next 24 hours their web security certificates will be rendered useless. So, they will need to purchase another one to fully secure their websites, this is due to affect as many as 23,000 customers. The reason they are being axed is down to a security issue which is allegedly Trustico’s fault.

It was reported that all the private keys for the certificates ended up in an email by Trustico. However, those keys are supposed to be kept a secret and are only supposed to be held by the owner of the certificate. The keys are not supposed to be disclosed in an email, if they get into the wrong hands they can be used by malicious sites to look like legit operations.

So, it is critical that customers of Trustico get another certificate so they are fully secured and aren’t at risk. If the customers don’t get this changed in time then visitors to their websites will be turned away due to the digital certificates being revoked.

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