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<a href="/news/1000s-of-windows-systems-hacked-via-nsa-back-door-toolkit" title="1000's of Windows Systems Hacked via NSA Back Door Toolkit">1000's of Windows Systems Hacked via NSA Back Door Toolkit</a>
Posted on: 20 Apr 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

1000's of Windows Systems Hacked via NSA Back Door Toolkit


A very powerful collection of hacking software that the National Security Agency (NSA) use for reasons of national security recently went public and is causing chaos online.  Some of these tools make it very easy to run very powerful attacks which can leave a computer system wide open.  It has been reported that the majority of attacks have been carried out by teenagers going on the rampage for no other reason than "because they can".  These "script kiddies" install the Doublepulsar backdoor which opens the front door for a barrage of other tools to be used on the system giving full control.

Several bundles of patches have already been deployed by various vendors to update their systems with protection against these attacks.  However it is expected that with the slow take up of patch deployment that this issue will be around for a while.

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