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<a href="/news/1-8m-computer-misuse-offences-in-1-year" title="1.8m computer misuse offences in 1 year!">1.8m computer misuse offences in 1 year!</a>
Posted on: 26 Oct 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

1.8m computer misuse offences in 1 year!


Official crime statistics were released a while back and it showed some shocking results. The number of incidents in England and wales for computer misuse reached 1.8 million in the year upto March 2015. Furthermore, another survey involving 17,000 people revealed that 1.19 million cases of computers been infected by a virus were recorded.

There were also another 603,000 incidents where hackers and cyber criminals managed to gain unauthorised access to personal information. Users don’t tend to alert the police when they have been infected and attacked by hackers. Unfortunately, these numbers will increase year on year and more users will experience viruses and hacking attacks.

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