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<a href="/news/1-4-billion-credentials-leaked" title="1.4 billion credentials leaked!">1.4 billion credentials leaked!</a>
Posted on: 12 Dec 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

1.4 billion credentials leaked!


It has been reported that an archive of over 1.4 billion email addresses, passwords and other credentials has been found on the dark web. The archive that was found was all in clear text, it was found by security shop @4Iq. The 41 GB file was found on the 5th December and according to the logs it had been updated at the end of last month. This indicates that the data is still current and is actively been used by third parties. The identity of who the data belongs too is still unknown the crook left Bitcoin and Dogecoin wallet details.

A batch of the credentials have been tested and verified and they are showing up as true, none of the passwords are encrypted which is worrying. This breach is nearly 2 times bigger than the previous largest credential exposure, the last exposure only totalled 797 million records. Another worrying point is that even after years of advice on passwords users still ignore the warnings. The top password in the archive is 123456 which is followed by 123456789, password, 111111 and qwerty.

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