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My computer is broken. Will I have lost my backup?

My computer is broken. Have I lost my backups?

Anyone that owns a computer of any kind will be able to tell you about a system failure of some sort. Computer problems are just something that PC owners must come to except, especially as systems become older. Of course, knowing that your computer could fail you at some point and it actually happening are two very different things and a system breakdown can be a pretty traumatic experience, particularly if your PC holds a lot of information.

Fortunately, if you are using cloud online backup to backup your important files, there is a saving grace. As files are uploaded to data centres across the world, they can be accessed at any time, and the great news is that you do not have to use your own computer to view them!

Cloud online backup stores files remotely so that you can retrieve them from anywhere in the world, on any PC or Mac. So, while your computer might not be responding, rest assured that your files would be safe and well.

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